Our team consists of more than 100 staff. But it also includes the children we serve, their families and our communities. We believe that working together with mutual respect is the best way to facilitate the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of our children. Our wish is to have them integrated into the community and accepted for the amazing children they are.

Our staff includes: pediatric psychologists, family service and key workers, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physiotherapists, early childhood educators, supported child development specialists, recreation specialists, dietician, doctor, victims services workers, social workers and police.

Team Contacts

Communication Therapy

Lisa Theimer, Director of Communication Therapy
Phone: 604-584-1361 ext. 2233

Developmental Pediatrician Services

Dr. Alison Laswick, Consulting Developmental Pediatrician
Phone: 604-584-1361

Occupational Therapy

Karen Edwards, Director of Occupational Therapy
Phone: 604-584-1361 ext. 2276


Rowan Kimball, Director of Physiotherapy
Phone: 604-584-1361 ext. 4277


Jennifer Street, Director of Child Care & Preschools
Phone: 604-584-1361 ext. 2230

Psychology & Family Services

Dr. Brian Katz, Director of Psychology & Family Services
Phone: 604-587-4291

Recreation Services

Heidi Wagner, Director of Recreation Services
Phone: 604-584-4278

Supported Child Development

Heather Basham, Director of Supported Child Development
Phone: 604-587-4275

Child Development Foundation of BC

Alison Obrecht, Vice President
Phone: 604-533-4884

Gerard Bremault, CEO
Phone: 604-584-1361

Kagnew Asaye, COFO
Phone: 604-584-1361

Judy Krawchuk, Vice President
Sophie’s Place Child & Youth Advocacy Centre 
Phone: 604-588-0727

We’re also lucky enough to have two talented Boards of Directors helping us set our vision and goals.
Meet our Foundation Board and our Centre Board!